“In my five decades in the asset management industry I have worked with most of the big name consulting firms. The name “Park/Lexington Advisors” says it all – they are not consultants, but rather deeply committed advisors who guide you to see previously unrecognized opportunities. The depth and breadth of their asset management industry experience is unparalleled. PLA is laser focused on client needs, and they ardently avoid potential conflicts of interest by only representing asset management clients, turning away revenue opportunities from service providers and other parties. The team are consummate professionals and equally personally engaging. As a client, you are never “on the clock” with Park/Lexington, it is not about billable hours but rather achieving exemplary results. As a former PLA client once told me, “They seem to be on retainer for life, they will always take your call”. My only regret with Park/Lexington Advisors is that I did not discover them earlier in my career!”

— Basil Fox, President (ret) – Franklin Templeton Investor Services

“The Park Lexington Team collaborated with us to consolidate our mutual fund service provider lineup from three entities to one in a way that improved processes and efficiency while also reducing risk and cost. Moreover, their knowledge of the marketplace uncovered cost benefits for our shareholders in places we might not have otherwise found. They concisely presented the results of their analysis to the Board of our mutual funds so that an informed decision could be made by all parties. I would definitely engage them again, and I believe that our Board would agree.”

— Bob Kurinsky – Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer - Driehaus Capital Management

“We thought we ran a cost efficient model until we met Park Lexington. In our very first meeting, John and his team had already downloaded all the public data possible on our TA information and had run numbers to compare us globally against our competitors and against other TA service providers. We have worked with many consultants over the years, but Park Lexington is the first I have met that provides you real information specific to your business and without the consultant speak – they are true partners with you. While some companies say they work 24/7 for you, Park Lexington actually does that, digging deep into our business to understand not just our information and numbers but how we present it and the language used. They provide a fair comparison of our information against other service providers, not with the intent for cost savings for us and revenue for Park Lexington but with the intent to determine what is right for our business. I always felt I had a customized approach from John, that he was looking at our specific situation. Certainly he leveraged his vast experience in the industry, but he focused on our unique needs to ensure we determined the best solution possible. I would hands down work with them again and again if I could. Bringing in consultants can be a disruptive experience, but with Park Lexington, it was nothing but a pleasure. I highly recommend them.”

— Heide Croel – President – Franklin Templeton Global Services

“Utilizing their data, precise analysis and deep industry expertise, ParkLexington delivered material financial and operational improvements to Amundi and its fund investors. They collaborated closely with management and kept the Board informed all along the process.”

— Thomas Perna – Chairman of the Board and Trustee, Amundi Pioneer Funds

“I found PLA to be exactly what they promoted themselves to be and more.  Over the last 5 years, they’ve proven to be a valued partner and extension of our Team.  And while currently at the end of one project, we still solicit their industry intelligence on a variety of topics.  PLA’s analysis and projections of our significant anticipated savings were spot on to actuals for multiple engagements.  Their approach with our banks and vendors was always professional and tactful while keeping the best interests of our funds, shareholders and firm in mind.”

— Anonymous – Treasurer & Vice President, Fund Administration & Operations $200B Fund Manager

“Park/Lexington has demonstrated their deep expertise in the fund space partnering with us to optimize our fund cost structure, delivering tangible value to Westwood and our fund shareholders.”

— Bill Hardcastle – Westwood - Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Program Management