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Investment Managers have very little transparency into the opacity of transactional and operational costs leading to performance drag and profitability headwinds. Many financial firms are siloed, making end-to-end appraisals harder. Leading investment managers, asset owners, fiduciaries, and the executive suite trust ParkLexington to provide insight into transaction, firm, and fund expenses and deliver substantial improvements.
The result? Enhancing the bottom line.

As an independant third party, and veterans in this space, we understand the expenses associated with commingled funds, and investment firms. Our approach identifies improvement opportunities and boosts performance, improving operations and investment performance and firm profitability. These net savings can help you lead a stronger, healthier higher-performing funds and a more profitable firm long into the future.
Best of all, we structure engagements to guarantee a return so our services are only paid for when savings and/or gains are realized — and all of our clients have realized expectation exceeding success.

A deeper look.  Icon

A deeper look.

We go beyond “self-reported data”. For over a decade, we’ve benchmarked the investment industry’s fees, expenses, spreads and rates. We leverage this database to reveal a comprehensive picture, finding hidden costs or missed pick-up improvements that could be costing your funds and firm millions.

Solutions that deliver.  Icon

Solutions that deliver.

Our optimization strategies deliver improved profits and performance by reducing or eliminating operating costs, hidden fees, and high interest often charged by custodians, intermediaries, and service providers. We can also help directly reduce fee waivers, fund reimbursements, and expense ratios.

Why engage our Optimization Consulting services?

If your goals are to reduce costs, improve profits and increase returns, we build transparency into transaction and fund expenses, and institute cost-savings strategies that could save millions annually for the funds and firm.

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Helping Commingled Funds

  • 40 Act
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Closed-end
  • Variable annuities
  • CITs
  • OEICs
  • Australian funds
  • Canadian funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Business trusts
  • Limited partnerships
  • Cayman
  • Private equity
  • Other Commingled Fund Structures

Finding Opportunities for Improvement

  • FX
  • Cash
  • Global custody
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Transfer agency
  • Sub-transfer agency
  • Intermediary
  • Prime brokerage
  • Enhanced custody
  • Middle-office
  • Front-office / Trading
  • Share Class & Currency hedging
  • Depositary
  • Out-of-pocket
  • Data
  • Systems